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Abandoned wooden furniture 
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Abandoned wooden furniture:
Abandoned furniture can restore its luster by using a mixture of olive oil and vegetable turpentine in a ratio of 3 oil to 1 turpentine by applying oil to the wood and it does not shine immediately, but rather leaves the oil on it for a whole day to give the wood an opportunity to absorb the oil, and the next day the wood shines with a dry and soft piece.

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The amount of oil used depends on the condition of the wood. The drier the wood is, a larger amount of oil is placed. This method is very useful for wooden doors at the entrance to the house because they are constantly exposed to air and sunlight.

Mahogany wood:

It is preferable to use linseed oil to polish mahogany wood because linseed oil gives wood a dark color.

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-Oak-wood :

To preserve oak wood, it is preferable to wipe it with warm vinegar and dry it well before using furniture polish. To give oak wood a dark color, linseed oil can be used.

Gilded wood:

To clean gilded wood, one of the following two methods can be used:

1 - Use a mixture of wheat flour and starch mixed with a little olive oil.

2 - Use egg whites so that they beat well and become foam, then use a soft brush to put a layer of foam on the gilded wood and leave it to dry and then polish it with a dry cloth.

Lacquer wood:

Lacquer wood should never be wiped with water because watering removes the lacquer over time.

- Formica:
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Formica is not affected by water because it is not made of wood. It is made of plastic, so it can be cleaned with water, and soap can also be used on it. To remove difficult stains from Formica, such as ink, white gasoline can be used.

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Abandoned wooden furniture 
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