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Useful Dog Training Details 
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7 Top Tips For Dog Training in Greenville, South Carolina
You just brought your new dog or puppy home. Congratulations! You're now a puppy for life. To ensure that you're best friends forever, you will need to establish rules and boundaries. Before we begin with our puppy tips, here's some suggestions. Do not be discouraged by your puppy. He's trying to do his best. As pets instinctively try to please their owners they should be gentle and patient during times like these. The same will happen. There are professional pet trainers out there to help you if that is your preferred option There are classes you can take and these DIY tips that will make the experience much more enjoyable from the beginning. Experts recommend you get your puppy neutered or spayed in the early years of their life. This will make it more gentle, less hostile and easier to train. This will allow you to anticipate your puppy's behavior and allow you to gauge the reactions they have to new situations.

Tip 1) Start Early
The sooner you start the earlier you begin, the better. Many believe that this should happen when your dog has been house-broken. They fear that too many lessons will cause the puppy to become overwhelmed. However, your puppy is more intelligent than you think. It's amazing to discover how well your puppy can remember. Basic obedience will make it easier to manage your home. Basic obedience will teach your puppy how to behave in a manner that is more acceptable than later. It will be much easier to correct your puppy's poor behavior. Young dogs learn quickly and are extremely curious. This is the best period of life to teach and instill lessons. Don't forget to have a look at the top rated Dog Training Greenville SC for recommendations.

Tip 2) Be Careful In Choosing Your Dog's Name
There are many aspects of choosing a pet's names that you may not realize. Think about a name that starts with a strong consonant like "Bully", "Jackie", or Fido. These names are easier for the dog/puppy to understand especially if the focus is on the last. Adopting an older dog from shelters is likely to mean that it has its name. But this doesn't mean that you are able to or shouldn't change the name. The staff at the shelter or dog breeders sometimes give dogs temporary names. Sometimes, names that are new can be beneficial for dogs, particularly when they are coming from situations of abuse. Dogs are extremely adaptable and when you do choose to give your dog a new name, use it often and consistently and your pet will react. No matter how old or new your pet's name must be associated with fun, positive and amusing things. For example, don't selectively use the dog's name only to make a snide comment, instead use it when you praise and praise them too. Dogs should associate their names like they do the word "walk" or "dinner."

Tip 3) Train Your Dog/Puppy To Follow The Commands.
This command should be learned first. This will help you establish your status as an alpha dog. Talk to him and bring it close to your level. When the dog comes to you, make a major deal using positive reinforcement - and then repeat the dog's name. You can say, "Come here Bully," and then , when the dog arrives, "Good Boy Bully," and then try the same thing when he's distracted by other things. This is an excellent method to teach your child when they get older. Don't forget to check out the recommended Dog Trainers Greenville SC for more.


Tip 4) Reward For Good Behavior
Positive reinforcement is used to reward good behavior in your dog or puppy. Use toys and praise, love, and/or treats. Remind him that he's doing well. Don't give him a reward for poor behavior. This can cause confusion for him. Dogs are naturally hungry and small treats are a great method to teach your dog to follow numerous commands. Victoria Stilwell, an English dog trainer, is a strong advocate for positive reinforcement. Her website, Positively, provides more details about her methods.

Tip 5) Give Your Dog a Private Den
Your dog deserves its own room. Provide your pet with a secure and secure area to sleep in that isn't shared with other pets or family members. He'll benefit from short periods being alone in the tranquility and safety of his own den. Reward him when he's calm and relaxed. The den, often a crate or a box, could be used as a tool to housetrain. Don't forget to have a look at the recommended Dog Training Greenville SC for recommendations.

Tip 6) New Home for Puppy/Dog
Your puppy should be given warm water and an alarm clock that ticks upon his return home. It imitates the heat and heartbeats of your littermates , and will help calm your puppy's new environment. This can help him sleep at night and during the daytime. This may be even more crucial for a dog who has just come from a noisy, noisy shelter who's had a rough beginning. Your dog and you will benefit from anything you do to help him settle into his new home.

Tip 7) Establish House Rules Immediately
It's up to you to determine what your pet's rights are and should not do. Are they allowed to allow him to use furniture? Does he have the right to lie in bed with you? Do certain areas of the house restricted? Both of you can avoid confusion if the rules are set early. Be firm about your rules after you have established them and make sure family members support them or they can be an issue for your puppy/dog and for you. Dogs who are fed table scraps by their owners but not by their children can show mixed signals. By setting boundaries early your dog will be more likely to follow them.

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Useful Dog Training Details 
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